~ This Is Me ~



So what do you want to be when you grow up? A footballer! Or a stuntman!

Two very simple career prospects in which to thrive…

When I finally came to the realisation that, 1. I wasn’t good enough to be a professional footballer, and 2. I didn’t like getting hurt or heights, I found that I was interested in film and the silver screen.

In 2001 I graduated with a BA Hons degree in Film and TV Studies and this began my career as a blockbuster film editor…OR how some would say, a corporate video producer.

I worked with a number of Blue Chip companies making health and safety and instructional videos. But it was the design aspect and the editing that really excited me, not so much the ladder safety or the trips and slips.

I began to seriously pick up a pencil once again and start creating comics and designing book covers.


~ Whistle While You Work ~

After a brief spell as a stay at home dad I managed to get a job as a graphic design assistant at Mantic Games, where I flourished personally and worked my way to senior graphic designer. My main responsibilities were designing packaging, point of sale (fliers and posters etc to us) and laying out books and cards as well as producing web graphics for both the website and kickstarter projects.

I left Mantic to pursue a different challenge and focus on a more structured line of work. I headed for Battlefront Miniatures.

Here I began working on book layout for foreign language versions of Dungeons and Dragons. I worked with books produced in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Polish as well as producing magazine adverts and more point of sale.

An exciting prospect emerged just yards from my house with the newly created Room 17 Games, who were creating new, family fun board games. I decided to move and take up the reigns of Marketing and Social Media Manager.


~ Home Free ~

In amongst all of the exciting work I have done with these companies I continued to increase my personal freelance work and began producing a monthly comic strip as well as additional illustrations for Wargames Illustrated Magazine as well as producing my own comic books and even taking on the small project of organising the Nottingham Comic Convention that happens each October (2013 was year 1).

I work freelance with a number of tabletop gaming companies on book and card layout as well as other businesses producing illustration and design work.

I have worked closely with the Nottingham Hoods Basketball Club to produce caricatures of the team players for a poster (designed by me) to be displayed in various McDonald’s restaurants around Nottingham. Each player also had their own face printed on t-shirts that they wore with pride (or embarrassment) when they reached the National Basketball League 2 playoff final.

I have produced comic strips for anthologies for charity and even one for MyProtein and British Olympic basketballer Jamell Anderson.

If you would be interested in having me work alongside you and your company for either design and layout work or illustration and comic strips, please do contact me, I look forward to see what we can do together.